Big Al is a Songwriter & Bass Player living in Las Vegas, NV.
"I'm on the case, I play the Bass"

I excel on Bass at any American style, Jazz, Soul, Rock, Pop, Latin and everything in between.
High musical skills as a composer and Bass player. Listen Here

Call me at for performance or recording gigs.

News! As of June 2017, working a new MESA Boogie Subway D-800 amp with (2) Avatar speakers. Best Bass Amp sound ever!

From the "What have you done for me lately" Department:
Here are 3 Videos of the Instrumentals I wrote for a Guitar based Trio. This is live in the studio, no tracks, no punch-ins, just play the song. Old School. Recorded Live at National Southwest at 11th St. Records.

As a Songwriter, I have produced 50 of my own very original Neo-Soul, Pop/Fusion & Latin songs under the band name "A little space", online portfolio: Listen Here

Yes, I am a Prize Winner in the John Lennon Songwriter Contest in Jazz.

June 12, 2017 after the Artifice Jazz Jam Session, Las Vegas

April 25, 2017 at the 7777 Club Jam Session, Las Vegas


"So Big Al, can you Rock Out or what?"

Well of course I can Rock Out! Here is a Bass track I did for Las Vegas artist Rick Ratayczak on his cover of "The Luck You Got". The Bass is on the right channel only.

Play "The Luck You Got"


Big Al plays some classic Jazz melodies and grooves.

Stella By Starlight

Stella By Starlight

"Jazz Standard. Daniel Coffeng - Guitar, Alan Gruskoff - Double Bass, Jeff Muzerolle - Drums."


Solo Electric Bass - All The Things You Are

Watermelon Man

All Blues



This is my main squeeze high-end Bass, a 2005 Pedulla ETB-5 ThunderBolt, Bartolini pickups with Cocobolo top and birdseye maple fingerboard. It sounds as good as it looks and it looks GOOD!


A custom made fretless Jazz Bass style instrument. Starting with a solid Mahogany body with a Spalted and Flamed top wood, solid Ebony wood finger board, Nordstrand pickups, Hipshot Kickass bridge with La Bella Deep Talking Bass 750N Black Nylon strings. A beautiful, organic sounding and creative instrument.

This instrument was awarded the Bass Of The Week by on May 10, 2017.


Fender Jazz Bass 2002 MIM in Blue Agave. I have been playing a Fender Jazz Bass since 1968.

The Fender Gig Rig with Fender BASSMAN 250 amp.


This is my MK Electric Upright Bass from Italy. The same neck, bridge and strings as a standard upright, just missing the body. It has a deep, resonant string sound. Better tone than a standard upright with a pickup. I can play this seated (preferred) or standing.

The Big Ass amp. MESA Boogie Subway D-800 amp with (2) Avatar speakers SB-123 (3-Way) and SB-112 (2-Way). Serious tone at 800 watts. The Real Deal for Bass Appeal.